HQ Associates partners with Fujitsu Americas to provide world-class technology solutions.

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Our Mission

HQ Associates' mission is narrow but deep: 

We leverage technology and relationships to optimize client outcomes.

Employing an approach that's outcome-driven and laser-focused on client success lends itself towards vendor-agnosticism, with one key exception: #Fujitsu 

HQ can assist your organization with: 

  • Enterprise & Productivity hardware & software
  • Leveraging open-source technologies
  • Cloud: creation, migration, integration, security, diversification
  • IT Managed Services/  ITaaS
  • Cyber-Security
  • Datacenter & Co-Location selection and negotiation
  • Business Process Optimization


Our Approach

HQ Associates' consultative approach will assist you in identifying and prioritizing challenges and opportunities.

 Optimization roadmaps include SWOT analysis, vendor selection, cost analysis and negotiation, project timelines and milestones, all the while ensuring that technology investments align directly with the business and productivity objectives they support.

HQ commitment to its clients' best interests is paramount.



Why HQ Associates?

Experience, Passion & Integrity.

An immutable commitment to client success. 

An exceptional professional network.  

An 'Outside the Box' approach to problem-solving.

Vendor Neutrality.